Tired Of Farting All The Time? Here 9 Ways To Stop It!

There is a gas build up in the digestive system which is released through the anus. This is called farting or breaking wind. The more formal term for it is flatulence. It is unlikely that there are too many of you who do not know what farting is, but it is necessary to put it out there all the same.

Now who can honestly say that they have never had a bad experience with regards to breaking wind in public? It is almost certain that virtually each one of us will have a story about that day in the elevator, or that day at the movie hall, etc. Even if by some minor miracle you have never farted in public, odds are that you have at least witnessed someone do it.

There is a lack of awareness where farting is concerned. This is understandable because there is a stigma attached to breaking wind as if it is some sort of crime. All too often you have people wondering “why do I fart so much?”, or “why do beans make you fart” or something of that kind. If you far regularly do not fret because a healthy human being farts an average of 14 times a day – anywhere- between 10 to 18 times a day, often without even knowing. Once this fact is acknowledged then it becomes much easier to talk about and discuss farting. Every movie star, sports player, politician, teacher, parent, etc. farts. Not farting at all is actually a cause for concern and should set alarm bells off.

Excessive farting is a condition that plagues more people than you think. The sheer embarrassment of what peers and people around you would think of you along with the stigma and shaming that accompanies it makes it an even bigger problem. If you want to know how to stop farting, then you have come to the right place. Read this article in its entirety and you will go a long way in gaining the awareness that you require to help you with your condition.

Before we get deeper, here is an overview of what this article will be about:

Why Do We Fart?


As already stated, each one of us farts. If someone says that they do not fart, then they are either lying or have a serious medical condition. Why do people fart is a simple enough question to answer. When you eat, you also end up ingesting air. This coupled with the gas that is formed when the intestines digest food passes through the intestine via the anus. Healthy gas is supposed to be harmless and odorless. The bad smell that we associate with farts has to do with Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia. These are produced in the intestine. As aforesaid, not farting at all could signal the presence of various disorders of the intestine, many of which are serious. So, if your only concerns are why you fart so much, or about fart noises, or how to fart on command, then be aware that this is a better position to be in than the other end of the spectrum wherein you could be dealing with potentially serious disorders. Of course, this is not to minimize the suffering that excessive flatulence brings along with it, but it would be better to put things in perspective at the start.

Causes Of Farting


There can be many potential causes of farting. More often than not these causes can be corrected and the problem overcome by incorporating some lifestyle changes. Let us now have a look at some of the most common causes of farting:

1) Ingesting Too Much Air

Whenever you eat you will ingest some air, that much is well established. However, there are certain triggers which make you ingest even more air than you normally would. Some of these triggers include smoking (always a culprit!), chewing of gum, sucking on hard sweets and dentures that do not fit properly and are loose. You could also take in more air if you do not chew food slowly and properly in the manner in which it is meant to be chewed, and instead swallow extra-large pieces at a time.

2) Certain foods

There are certain foods that make you fart more (and they stink more too!). Intuitively you would think that burgers, fries and junk food in general would be the culprit and while this is definitely not an endorsement for junk food – stay away from junk food at all costs – some of the worst farts are caused by the healthiest of food items, as counterintuitive as it may sound. Vegetables such as cabbage, onions, cauliflower and broccoli are some of the worst offenders in this regard; legumes such as beans and lentils can be very bad as well. In fact, beans are infamous for causing flatulence.

3) High altitude

Empirical evidence seems to suggest that excessive flatulence and altitude are positive correlated. In other words, the higher your altitude the more likely you are too far. The reason for this is that high altitude ostensibly causes the gas in your bodies to stretch out and expand. This makes us more prone to farting. Be careful the next time you board a flight!

4) Certain types of drinks

Fizzy drinks have also been said to increase the amount of gas in the body, thereby increasing the likelihood of breaking wind.

5) Health conditions

Certain health conditions like an Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), intestinal disorders, constipation, indigestion among others can cause excessive flatulence. Also, if you are averse to dairy products because of lactose intolerance, then you might be more vulnerable to excess farting.

6) Medication

Excessive farting could very well be a result of medication. Antibiotics, laxatives, cholesterol drugs (statins) among others have the potential to increase your flatulence. If you have just started a new course of medication and this seems to coincide with more farting, then it is likely that the correlation implies causation.

7) Alcohol

If you are a beer fan or/and a red wine fan, there is some bad news for you. Consuming beer and red wine seems to directly coincide with an increased level of flatulence. Excessive alcohol can cause indigestion and wreak havoc with your digestive system, therefore it does not really come as that big of a surprise.

Want to stop farting?

9 Ways To Stop And Control Farting.


Excessive farting can be an embarrassment and a real pain in the backside, no pun intended. Here are 9 ways you can stop and control farting:

1) Avoid ingesting too much air

Given that ingesting too much air is one of the main causes of excess farting, it would make sense that avoiding the ingestion of too much air would help reduce and control your farts. Whenever you eat make sure your mouth remains closed and avoid the use of straws for your drinks. This will cause the amount of air you ingest to go down, thereby reducing your flatulence.

2) Try probiotics

Where antibiotics have to do with killing off the bad bacteria, probiotics as the name clearly suggests constitutes the introduction of good bacteria into your system to restore bacterial balance. This will most certainly go a long way in reducing your flatulence.

3) Eat smaller portions

Do not eat extra-large portions. Try to eat smaller portions instead. For example, instead of eating 3 large meals a day, consider eating 4 or 5 smaller meals a day. Also, make sure you eat slowly and take smaller bites. This will help with digestion and put less pressure on your digestive system. This will beneficially impact your gas levels.

4) Ensure that the food is properly cooked

Raw food can cause excess flatulence. If you suffer from excessive flatulence it would be in your best interests to ensure that the food you eat is well cooked, especially the ones that are responsible for causing a buildup of gas in the first place such as broccoli, cauliflower, onions, sprouts, lentils, etc.

5) Pay special attention to hydration

Make sure you stay hydrated and drink adequate water between meals. Hydration is essential in removing waste products from your body, therefore lack of hydration is an impediment to good digestion. However, the caveat here is that you should not drink too much water during your meals. In fact, it is more advisable to not drink any water at all if possible during your meals.

6) Let your farts out

This might sound counterintuitive but letting your farts out might actually help with flatulence. If you strain yourself to keep it in and do not let it out, then it could lead to considerable gas buildup and excessive flatulence by extension.

7) Exercise

No remedy section of any article related to health is complete with a mention of exercise and with good reason. Exercise is imperative for the healthy functioning of your body. Regular exercise will help prevent excessive gas buildup and reduce the amount you fart.

8) Adopt a healthier lifestyle

You will have to make a few sacrifices if you want to get rid of the menace that is excessive farting. If you are a smoker, immediately stop smoking. If you are having trouble trying to quit, consider seeking professional help. Ditto with alcohol. Minimize your beer consumption if you cannot eliminate it completely. Adopting a healthy lifestyle without such habits will make it much easier for you to control your flatulence. You must also learn to keep your stress under control. Stress can trigger indigestion which in turn causes flatulence; and then the vicious cycle starts. Practice some deep breathing and meditation to eliminate stress from your life.

9) Try over the counter medicines

You may find some relief by using over the counter medicine such as antacids. Do not use too much of it though, as that will make your digestive system depend more and more on the antacid (or whatever over the counter medicine it may be) to digest the food. If that happens it will weaken your digestive system over time and erode its ability to digest food by itself.

These 9 remedies should definitely go a long way in helping you with flatulence. However, remember that flatulence can be caused by something serious in some cases. Therefore, if these remedies do not seem to be working, make sure that you visit your doctor and get professional help. If you feel that certain medications are causing flatulence, talk to your doctor about it and see if you can take a substitute or do something which can minimize the side-effects of the medication.

Still want more? The video below is maybe what you are looking for.


So there you have it, a detailed article on farting. To sum up, recognize the symptoms and take action. If you feel bloated all the time then chances are that you are adopting an unhealthy lifestyle. Make lifestyle changes and do not be afraid to talk about it. Seek professional help if you do not wish to talk to even your close friends and family about it (although it is recommended that you do).

Most importantly perhaps, you need to find comfort in the knowledge that flatulence is normal and excessive flatulence can be treated with some discipline and lifestyle changes. Also, do not believe every single thing that you read on the internet about farts. Following questions along the lines of how many calories does a fart burn, myths have been propagated. One such myth has it that you burn 67 calories per fart. Now the problem with such myths is that sometimes people do not cross check and take it at face value. People started thinking that they should increase the number of calories consumed per day to counter the close to 1000 calories lost due to farting (938: 67 times the average which is 14). Needless to say, such things will only make things worse; people will end up overeating, there will be gas buildup and the vicious cycle would start.

On a final note, eat slow and eat healthy. Complement it with a stress-free life and exercise and you will be perfectly alright. All it takes is some discipline. And any time you find your discipline or your willpower wavering, just think about that perfect date you could ruin by farting excessively!

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