7 Steps To Get Rid Of Man Boobs In One Shot!

Man boobs are really not an ideal thing for a man to have. They are very unattractive to look at and generally have the effect of emancipating the man.

People wonder, why do I have man boobs?

Man boobs are a result of buildup of excessive fats in the chest area of a man. The cause of man boobs could range from weight gain to other sources. If weight gain is not the reason behind the development of your man boobs, then you should definitely see a doctor for advice.

If the reason behind your man boobs is weight gain, then you can reverse this situation quite simply by following the 7 steps outlined below:

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Step 1. It Is All In The Plate.

Even if you exercise all day long, but your food sucks, you just can’t get rid of man boobs! The very first thing you need to do is make sure you eat healthy. All the foods you take in a day must be healthy and rich in nutrients.

Take three meals per day that are well balanced. Make sure each meal you take has whole foods as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables. The foods in the diet should come from the five different groups of food. Steer clear of junk food. They often have a great taste but in the end they are full of sugar and fats which will only serve to make you fatter. The dietary changes you make should be more gradual than sudden so your body can ease into it. That’s the very first in case you want to know how to lose man boobs naturally.

Step 2. Lift More. Shed More.

The equation here is pretty simple. Increase your muscle mass to shed more fat, even if you are sleeping. There are strength training exercises that can go a long way in helping you build up the muscles in your chest and make them firm, in case you are a man with boobs. This will add to the muscles in the chest region, which will help the chest increase its metabolism. Tthereby, burning fats faster. You can do some simple lifts with dumbbells. Start with a small number of lifts per day and then build from there.

Step 3. Presses Rock. Do More Of Them.

Any amount of weight pressed from your chest will go a mile in helping you to reduce the amount of fats in your chest region. You should make sure you do a great variety of these presses in order to achieve maximum results from your efforts. To do chest presses, first lie on your back and hold weighted dumbbells on your hand. The most ideal place to hold them is at your lower ribs. You can then bend your elbows and press up on the weighted dumbbells till your arms go straight. You then SLOWLY lower your arms back to your chest. Start with a smaller weights, preferably of 25kgs and move upwards from there as you improve your form. As with all exercises, challenge yourself with new weights and positions every so often, say after every four weeks.

Step 4. Perform Flyes.

This is another amazing way to strengthen your chest. It involves pulling the arms together preferably while holding an elastic object such as the resistance band that increases the amount of force used to bring the arms together. You could also use weights on both hands. Pull the hands together with the weights on both hands while extended on both hands. You can then slowly bring your arms back apart in the same manner a bird spreads its wings. For the resistance band, stand upright and anchor the band around your hips. Hold one end with each hand and begin with open arms. You then slowly bring your hands together while extended till they touch and eventually take them apart.

Step 5. If You Can’t Do Weights, Use Your Body Instead.

You can also use your own weight in order to reduce the size of your chest. There are push up guides on how to lose man boobs in a week Remember that all of these exercise are focused mainly on your chest region and as a result make sure you do the appropriate exercises for the same. The first, and among the most effective way, to sculpt your chest is through doing push-ups. Do not do the same version of push-ups but, instead, vary them as different push-ups tone different muscles. Push-ups target not only your chest muscles but also the smaller muscles on your stomach region as well as the muscles on your back. They, therefore, help you to slim down generally. After getting used to push ups, make variations on them such as the military style push-up, chest squeeze pushups among others. The best way to keep growing is to challenge yourself every so often with a new style of push-ups.

Step 6. Get Some Cardio Done.

Combine your weight training with cardiovascular exercises. Make sure that you do cardiovascular exercises as much as you can per week. A sensible amount of weight to lose per week is about one or two pounds at most. To reduce the amount of tissue in your breasts, aim to conduct at least 30 minutes of cardio in a day. Learn how to conduct at least 75 minutes of vigorous activity per day. This will help if you have huge man boobs.

Step 7. Tweak Your Lifestyle.

Although doing more exercises and such will increase the lean muscle mass in your body, there are some simple life changes that you can make that will, in the long run, count for plenty.

Becoming generally more active in the course of your entire day will help you gain more strength and lose more muscle. You can make simple changes to your lifestyle like walking to work instead of taking your car or the train, taking the stairs to your office in favor of using an elevator as well as taking regular walks. These will all help because losing weight and fat is a lifestyle change more that it is a mission.

In addition to being active all day, make sure you don’t overdo it. Get at least seven hours of sleep each and every night in order to lose weight and remove unwanted fat from your body.

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Man boobs are mostly a sign of weight gain and performing exercise as well as eating healthy will get your chest back in shape. Make sure you first see your doctor so that gynecomastia is ruled out. Remember man boobs surgery should not be an option when you can get healthy. The above are safe procedures on how to get rid of man boobs in 7 steps.

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