Testosterone Secrets Revealed: Doctors Don’t Want You To Know These!

Do you struggle with low testosterone? Do you want to boost your testosterone? Do you find it hard to perform at your best not only in the bedroom but also in every other life room? Do you feel fatigued and unmotivated all day long? What if I tell you that low testosterone is curable and can be increased like crazy with just some small and simple tweaks?!

If you the questions above have anything to do with you, let me shake your hand and warmly welcome you. You have just stumbled upon all that there is you need to know about testosterone.

Before we dive in deep into this thorough guide about testosterone, I invite you to grab a cup of coffee, comfortably seat yourself and read on.

One thing else! Here is a little navigational overview of what this article will be about:

What is testosterone?


I know you are so much in need to get to know how to increases your testosterone, but guys bear with me a little. We have something here that we should go through first.

What the heck is testosterone?

That's the very first question you should ask yourself before anything else? And if you know, please just skip this section. There are folks who don’t. No offense guys! But if you don’t know what that is, let me walk you through the following lines that will show you without a shadow of doubts what testosterone is!

Guys, seatbelt fastened. Let’s go!

So basically, without much complication, testosterone is mere a hormone, just like cortisol and and endorphin, with the exception that testosterone thing has more to do with sex. Not just sex, but anything that make up a man, I mean physically.

In short, testosterone hormone is responsible for the all the traits that make a man appear as a man, physically is what I am talking here

What does the testosterone do the male body?

The hair in the chest, the muscles of a greek god, the deep voice, the sex drive, the enlargement of the penis once the man hits the purity; these are are controlled by the testosterone hormone.

This hormone of course increases and decreases, depending on so many factors. These are not to be covered here. But surely later on.

Bottom line:

What you want to get out of this section is simply that the testosterone hormone is responsible for sex and all the physical traits that make up the male body.

Hope that makes sense. This is just a simple definition for people who have no clue what the testosterone really is.

Now, time to get to know some of the most common symptoms low testosterone has.

Knowing those will help you to a great extent to get it skyrocketed again.

Symptoms Or Side Effects Of Low Testosterone:


First, before we dive deep into the symptoms I’d like just to point out why you need to know them.

As you know to very problem, illness or anything else in life, there are prior signs. If you come to decipher those signs, you are already a step ahead of getting the problem tackled.

Thus, symptoms are really a blessing. They point you out that there is something not so much fan going on in your body. As a result, if you take a moment and listen to those signs your body is giving you, you will be in a much better position to be in control of the situation before it is worsen.

Your body is a very shrewd machine. Listen to it and you will never again have any problem curing any illness or getting through any problem in your life.

So, that’ was just a small intro. Let’s have a look at some of the most common symptoms and signs you may experience when your body goes through a low testosterone phase:

Off to the very first one:

1. Very Low Sex Drive

Firstly, less sexual appeal. The the number one and most obvious symptoms of testosterone is low sex drive. People with low testosterone experience this most often. They don't care about sex anymore. This happens, especially after the age thirty.

The problem with so many people is that they think the decrease in sex drive is a problem of age, but t is isn’t. It is merely a sign that your testo is getting a punch in the stomach. 

2. A Decrease In Sperm Production:

Secondly, a decrease in sperm production. That’s the number two tt symptom men with low testosterone will notice, as we said earlier, testosterone is made up in the testicals. When the testosterone is no longer produced with the amount it used to, the sperm gets the shot. It decreases. And people with low levels of testosterone notice this as it is one of the obvious symptoms.

3. Low Energy And Constant Fatigue:

Thirdly, If you sleep almost all night long and still steal some hours out of the day every now and then, but you still feel tired, and have no energy to move your body, chances are you've hit the rock bottom.

Your testosterone levels are maybe the reason you are going through this chronic fatigue.

Additionnally, another thing you may notice is lack of motivation. You feel like doing nothing, except lying in bed, watching tv or facebooking all day every day!

Enter your text here...

4. An Increase In Body Fat And A Decrease In Muscle Mass:

It is obvious that people with high amounts of fat are more likely to get the testosterone down, simply because high fat equals low muscle mass. When the body lack testosterone, you lose muscles and you gain more fat.

The condition may go beyond this. Men with low testo may develop “gynecomastia” or what’s known as enlarged breasts.

So, we can tell that there is a correlation between muscle mass, testosterone and the body fat. Reverse engineer it and you will get the testosterone to skyrocket!

5. Mood Swings:

Mood swings are common to women, but guess what! men too have the same problem when their bodies are deprived of testosterone.

In addition to that, researchers proved that lack of testosterone in men has a lot to do with mental clarity, focus and those with low testosterone are more likely to experience depression, and constant anger.

6. Hair Loss:

Additionally, another common side effect of low testo is hair loss. Hair loss for many men is thought of as a consequence of aging. That’s normal. What’s not is experiencing hair loss at a younger age. Not only facial hair but also body hair.

7. Finding It Hard To Achieve Erection:

Finally, lack of or low errection. I was a little hesitant to mention this one as it is one of the most scariest nightmare for men. But, it is unfortunately true. Less of erection or low erection is to a great extent linked to low levels of testosterone. But that doesn’t mean that testo alone is what causes it.

How does low testo contribute in erection then, you may wonder?

The are some receptors in the brain that are responsible for erection. What testosterone does is it triggers them. And the response depends on the levels of testosterone you have.

Now these are the symptoms, but there are some underlying causes that contribute to the whole making of this low testosterone thing.

Before we go into mentioning some of the best tips and tricks that you can use to boost your testosterone levels, let’s have a look at the causes of this phenomenon.

What Causes Low Testosterone:


There are a lot of underlying causes that help contribute in the decreased testosterone.

1. Aging

Firstly, aging. This one is obvious and normal, or let’s say to an extent! You can’t really control aging. Research shows that with every passing year, a man loses about 1% of testo. So, ageing is really a big contribution to low testosterone levels.

2. Certain Health conditions:

In addition to aging, there are some chronic health conditions that take a huge amount out of your testosterone reservoir you have for store. These include:





❏Chronic Kidney Failure

3. Trauma And Surgeries:

Thirdly, traumas and surgeries. Traumatic experiences you have in your life may cause low testosterone too. There are these Leydig cells in the testicles, that once stimulated, produce testosterone with huge amounts.

But the problem is when they are hit with traumas, surgeries, they are badly affected. And once they are affected, you know the rest. The production of testosterone decreases bit by bit.

4. Medications Are Also To Be Blamed.

Finally, there are some medications that contribute to a great extent in the decrease of testosterone levels.

Some of these, according to LowCenter are:



❏Chemotherapeutic agents

These classes of medications have a say in the decrease of testosterone in the body.

How To Boost Your Testosterone Levels?

And here comes the most important part. Time to see what can we do to skyrocket or at least kick start the production of testo again in your body:

Let’s have a look at some of the best testosterone boosters, tips, tricks, medications, supplements and more.


There are many ways to boost your testosterone levels. In this section, we will cover three different ways to skyrocket your testosterone levels.

First, we will go into how to naturally increase your testosterone, including the best foods to get your testo to a high new level. After that, we will have a look at some of the best supplements you can take for the very same reason. Moreover, if all the two don’t work the way you want them to, you go for the testosterone therapy.

How To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Levels?

So, let’s see first how to naturally raise your testosterone levels naturally:

1. Get rid of excess of weight:

To begin with, the very first thing we would suggest is to simply get rid of those extra pounds hanging tight to your body. Fat is your enemy when it comes to boosting testosterone. Once your body is fit and and fat free, as a result of that, you will then welcome a high level of testo that you have never seen your whole life.

I am not talking out of thin air. You can try it yourself and see the difference. Just a little warning here. Make sure you tell your spouse otherwise she will think you have taken a drug or something!

2. Exercise:

In addition to getting rid of excess weight, the second natural way to boost your testo has to do with health and exercise. This time it is strength training. Man! I just can’t stress enough on how important this is for your testosterone to get boosted like crazy.

Strength training along with high intensity training; these two scare the crap out of your testicles, forcing the to produce tons of testosterone.

If you can combine strength training with high intensity, you will hit two birds with one stone. You will not only get fit and strong but your testosterone will go up like crazy.

3. Up Your Zinc Intake:

Thirdly, up your zinc intake. Zinc is very important for the testicles to produce high amounts of testosterone. In a study done on a couple of individuals with low testosterone, upping their zinc intake for six weeks, they found out that their testosterone levels increased dramatically.

Make zinc your best friend and you will see your testosterone getting better again. Make sure you consume a good amount of fish and meat daily. These are rich in zinc.

4. Vitamin D Is Also Helpful:

Fourthly, Vitamin D. This is really essential not only to boosting your testosterone levels, but also for your overall health. In a study conducted by scientists on a group of overweight people, who are asked to consume a good amount of vitamin D for a year, found out that there is a noticeable increase and improvement in their testosterone levels. If you can’t get enough of this magical vitamin from the sun, don’t hesitate to consume it as supplements. Even if you are exposed to the sun more often, take at least a pill a day. It will help you dramatically.

5. Stress is your enemy! Get rid of it:

In addition to vitamin D, you should look at stress as your enemy if you want to increase your testo. This is the one thing I need you to watch out of as much as you can. Stress ruins your body. It literally blocks all of its functions in a matter of minutes. When you are fearful, stressed out, your body releases cortisol. That’s a poison that block the production of testosterone.

Whenever you feel like stress is creeping into your life, take a break. Go for a walk. Learn to meditate. And if you can’t move out of your place, make sure you learn EFT. That's’ one of the best techniques to instantly feel at ease with yourself.

The Best Foods To Boost Your Testosterone:

Moreover, those are some tricks you can start incorporating in your everyday life to boost your testosterone levels naturally. Here is a list of some of the best foods that increase testosterone.

Get your diet to include those and you will see an instant shift in your testosterone levels.



❏Low Fat Milk








The Best Testosterone Supplements:

And now, food and those tweaks mentioned above are essential or let’s say they are the building blocks of getting your testosterone levels to go high. You can also increase that by supplementing on testosterone supplements.

Have no idea what those are? Kindly read on,


Firstly, D-ASPARTIC ACID (D-AA). This is the first supplement we would like you to take to improve your testosterone levels. This one is produced by the body naturally in the testicular leydig cells. It basically acts as a little messenger in between the leydig cells and the brain. But people with low testo normally have this produced with very low amounts. So, to kick it off again, take the D-ASPARTIC ACID supplement.

2. ZMA

Secondly, ZMA. We talked earlier about zinc and how it is important for boosting your testosterone levels. This supplement is a combination of three supplements, vitamin B-6, zinc monomethionine aspartate, and magnesium aspartate. Moreover, ZMA is also used as a sleep and a recovery aid.

3. Fenugreek

Thirdly, Fenugreek. This is a very ancient and well-known herb that does so much good to your body. In a recent study in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition, Fenugreek is proven to reduce body fat dramatically. As a result, helps tremendously in increasing your testosterone levels.

Those are some of the best supplements that are proven to increase testosterone levels. If you are into those or you have tried them and don’t work for you. Moreover, there is one last way to get your testosterone over the moon. Testosterone therapy! Keep in mind that testosterone shots, pills and medications have way danger than the good they may do to your body.

Testosterone Therapy:

Finally, Testosterone therapy. Testosterone therapy should be thought of as a way out in just one condition, only if you have what’s called Hypogonadism. This is a disease that takes place when you are not able to produce enough testosterone in either the pituitary gland or the tesciles.

Testosterone therapy then is only good if you suffer from that illness and it can help you with that.

But before jumping into it, here are some of the risks you may go through as a side effect.

1. Sleep Will Get A Hard Hit:

Firstly, sleep deprivation. This is one of the worst side effects of testosterone therapy you need to think about before you decide whether you want it or not. Sleep apnea is very common to people who have taken this sort of therapy. At night, having breathing problems is really not so much fun. So you better stay away from it of you don’t want your sleep to be disturbed.

2. Enlarged Breasts:

Secondly, enlarged breasts. I don’t know if you find this one normal or not. For me, it is a no no. I’d rather try to increase my testosterone naturally than risk growing out boobs!

3. Decreased Sperm Production:

Thirdly, decreased sperm production. That’s the third side effects of testosterone therapy you need to think about. Worse, at some cases, it not only decreases it but limit it all at once.

And here are three more you may experience:

❏Prostate cancer

❏blood clot


Those are some risks you may go through when you decide to increase your testosterone levels using testosterone therapy.


To sum up, testosterone is essential and vital for every man. Taking the time to increase it naturally is one thing you should think about. Other than that, if you choose to go down the other road of medications and injections, think twice as your health maybe in danger. This does more harm than good to your body.

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